Just a Reminder: The CIA is Connected to The Washington Post

Dec. 2013 Article from The Nation Connects Them

It didn't take long while researching for our next PizzaFence episode to come across a media that seems to be protecting (via published articles) figures being researched for sex trafficking or exploitation of children — The Washington Post. 

What's even more incredible than that is The Washington Post's direct connection to the CIA and the implications of that, if it's true that they are connected. It is highly recommended that everyone read this article:

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Were the Recent Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell a Possible Coded Message?

Odd Staging, Obvious Photoshops, and a Possible Secret Message Left in an Amazon Book Review

Last week, the New York Post reported that they had new photos of Ghislaine Maxwell alive and well, out in public at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles. The recent death of Jeffrey Epstein turned even more focus to his ex-girlfriend and alleged child sex trafficking accomplice. Reports were coming out that she was possibly in hiding and people were speculating about where in the world she was. Then she showed up in, of all places, a popular fast-food joint, casually reading a book on the patio with her dog. Days after Epstein's death, with the world searching for any sign of Ghislaine, someone happened to snap the first public photos of her in three years whilst casually dining.

The photos that were used by the New York Post and a day later by The Daily Mail came from the same source and had weird anomalies and obvious photoshopping. Added to the strange staging of the photos and the unbelievable scenario, the details concerning these photos made people question the actual story behind them and the real reason they were being published.

There is also a very strange story behind the book she was seen reading:

Although the cover of the book was not visible in the pictures, The Post reported that Ghislaine was reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. Many people took the symbolism of the book to be no coincidence. The idea of people carrying or reading books in public when they know they will be photographed as a form of "sending a message" is not new to me. I can remember a few times a theory like this floated around the internet.  

Several months after I had begun following Q, the Clintons were seen flying commercial, and Bill was reading a book about child sex crimes. It was an odd sight to most people, but to those of us who researched Q drops, there was an added element of intrigue. Part of what we were learning was that communications between Deep State "black hats" had been cut off and that the good guys were in control and had possibly frozen the assets of certain bad actors. That might account for the Clintons flying commercial among the great unwashed.

The day Harvey Weinstein surrendered at a NYC police station after rape, abuse, and sexual misconduct charges against him, he was photographed carrying the biography of Elia Kazan. Kazan was a Hollywood insider who testified before a House committee outing other big names in Hollywood for being communists. People took Weinstein's public display of this book as a possible signal to others in Hollywood that he could take them down with him.

Then there was the odd removal of Julian Assange as he was extradited from the Ecuadorian Embassy. He was literally carried out head-first like Superman, and clutched in his hands was the book Gore Vidal: History of the National Security State that is about "historical events that led to the establishment of the massive military-industrial-security complex." The aggressive way in which he was removed made the carrying of that book extra strange. If he were such a danger, so much so that he needed to be cuffed and not even allowed to walk on his own feet, would they let him carry his belongings with him? He could have something hidden in it to free himself from his cuffs or injure the people around him.The whole thing just seemed ridiculous. People began to wonder if it were a covert message or if perhaps the book were a signal to activate a possible dead man's switch and release a data dump.

Anons began to look into the book that Ghislaine was reading and uncovered something weird: on the Amazon listing for that book, there was a review by a "G. Maxwell" written on the very day that the photos were published.

Ok, who reads while walking their dog? That sounds like a hobby you would be required to disclose to your life insurance provider.

My first thought was that it was a possible troll taking advantage of the news of Ghislaine reading the book, knowing people would look into these photos and strange circumstances. However, the reviewer's account seems legitimate, with reviews going back to 2012.

Looking through the account, I saw that there were also reviews on books about human trafficking, occult practices, and elite bloodlines.

All of their book reviews - most of them for verified purchases - were for the Kindle editions, including the one for The Book of Honor, although Ghislaine was photographed with a physical copy.

The story behind the photos also seems off when we examine a couple of details in the photos themselves. Supposedly, what happened was that someone spotted Ghislaine at In-N-Out, and, having recognized her from the news, approached her and asked, "Are you who I think you are?" She said she was, they asked her if they could take some photos of her, and she kindly obliged.

Ghislaine's being there alone doesn't seem to go along with the fact that in the photos, there are two drinks, two cell phones, and two trays.

2 cups, 2 phones, and 2 trays

I can think of several reasons for this, one being that whoever asked to take Ghislaine's picture put their stuff down beside her in order to take the photos, although that seems like an odd thing to do.

Then it just gets weirder.

In the background, we can see a bus stop with a poster for the movie Good Boys.

Good Boys poster that was never actually there

The problem is that that particular bus stop has been displaying a poster for St Joseph's Medical Center since July 28. Carly Zipp - a spokesperson for Outfront Media, the company that owns the billboard space - said that the company keeps meticulous records of exactly which posters are displayed where and when and that they "have no record of this poster being there" now or previously. She also added, "We think this is photoshopped."

Carly Zipp

Why would someone go through the trouble of photoshopping this poster into the photo? It was a very skilled job. Whoever did this knew what they were doing when it came to Photoshop, which makes these next few strange things in the photos even stranger:

In the background of these photos, we can see that someone tampered with the sign for Miceli's restaurant across the street. In one photo, they attempted to blur the sign to make it less readable, but the job was very sloppy and not at the same level of skill as whoever photoshopped in the Good Boys poster. In the other photo, we can see that they used the Cloning Tool to take the sign out totally. This was also a pretty eye-rolling slop job that would be obvious to anyone who has ever used Photoshop.

Miceli's signage blurred out and removed completely

Here you can see what the sign looks like without any doctoring:

This one might be the most laughable of all the photos. Please tell me what is going on behind this woman's back?

Obvious Photoshop

This might be the worst Photoshop job I have ever seen. There was almost no attempt at making the edges seamless and the Cloning Tool was obviously used on parts of the brick where the pattern identically repeats. Was she photoshopped in? Was something photoshopped out? If so, what and why?

Then, we find out that the dog wasn't even hers, but was borrowed from her close friend and attorney, Leah Saffian. According to, Saffian staged the photos and provided them to The New York Post, which is a very different scenario from the one given by The Post.

Saffian's dog Dexter

According to, hidden within the metadata of the photos of Maxwell was the tag "Meadowgate." Saffian is the president of Meadowgate Media Investments Inc.

Join me tonight in my live chat at 5 p.m. PT where I'll go over even more strangeness related to these photos!

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Interview with Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies

Yesterday, I got to interview Zach Vorhies for our friends over at New Right Network. Zach is the Google whistleblower who recently released nearly 1000 pages of documents exposing the blatant bias they implement in their algorithms.

Listen to our conversation here!

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Cuomo and Fredo: #Fredo in Top Trends on Twitter

CNN's Chris Cuomo's Explosive Reaction After Being Called "Fredo"

Yesterday, a video of CNN's Chris Cuomo exploding at a man for calling him "Fredo" was posted to Twitter. Not long after, the comments started to fly with #Fredo becoming the number two top trending term on the social media platform. 

Here's a video of the altercation: 

It wasn't long before the MSM (mainstream media) picked this up and wrote a bunch of articles about the issue. The extremely left-leaning newspaper The Hill that comes out of Capital Hill posted this article:

Within the article, they provided a Tweet from CNN's own Matt Dornic that says CNN supports Chris for reacting the way that he did upon being called "Fredo."

Why is Donald Jr. being brought into the argument? What people may not know is that Chris Cuomo has a long history with "Fredo." In a CNN split-screen interview, a guest once referred to Donald Jr. as "Fredo." Cuomo clearly does nothing about it. 

In addition, in a New York Post interview, linked below this paragraph, Cuomo once jokingly referred to himself as "Fredo" in a non-racially oriented way. If "Fredo" really is a racial term similar to "the 'n' word," it's doubtful it would be used so freely.

The comments on Twitter have been ruthless toward Chris, with some posters even getting creative by updating Wikipedia entries and screen-shotting them before they get taken down by moderators: 

President Trump hasn't held back at all since #Fredo started to trend on Twitter. 

President Trump also commented in an interview: 

Looks like we'll all be binge-watching the Godfather trilogy this weekend. 

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NEW Drone Footage from Epstein's Island During FBI Raid

One of our favorite Anons - who has been lovingly dubbed "DroneAnon" by some in the "truther" community for posting extensive drone footage of Epstein's Little St. James Island - has uploaded brand new videos taken during yesterday's raid on the property.

Some of the footage even provides a glimpse into windows where officials inside can be seen wearing shirts clearly marked FBI and NYPD. Upon spotting the drone, they quickly attempt to cover the windows, but not before our precious Anon captures images of what appears to be multiple computers and hard drives wrapped in bubble wrap.

Be sure to check out the rest of this Anon's YouTube channel for a very detailed look at this creepy island and all of the strange features to be seen on the surface here.

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