Yesterday, a video of CNN's Chris Cuomo exploding at a man for calling him "Fredo" was posted to Twitter. Not long after, the comments started to fly with #Fredo becoming the number two top trending term on the social media platform. 

Here's a video of the altercation: 

It wasn't long before the MSM (mainstream media) picked this up and wrote a bunch of articles about the issue. The extremely left-leaning newspaper The Hill that comes out of Capital Hill posted this article:

Within the article, they provided a Tweet from CNN's own Matt Dornic that says CNN supports Chris for reacting the way that he did upon being called "Fredo."

Why is Donald Jr. being brought into the argument? What people may not know is that Chris Cuomo has a long history with "Fredo." In a CNN split-screen interview, a guest once referred to Donald Jr. as "Fredo." Cuomo clearly does nothing about it. 

In addition, in a New York Post interview, linked below this paragraph, Cuomo once jokingly referred to himself as "Fredo" in a non-racially oriented way. If "Fredo" really is a racial term similar to "the 'n' word," it's doubtful it would be used so freely.

The comments on Twitter have been ruthless toward Chris, with some posters even getting creative by updating Wikipedia entries and screen-shotting them before they get taken down by moderators: 

President Trump hasn't held back at all since #Fredo started to trend on Twitter. 

President Trump also commented in an interview: 

Looks like we'll all be binge-watching the Godfather trilogy this weekend.