Human trafficking is an epidemic in the United States, it is a billion dollar industry, and there are hundreds of thousands of victims in this country alone. Yet the majority of our mainstream media and government officials will barely touch the subject. We rarely hear about it in the news, and it doesn't even come up as a topic in the presidential debates.  

When the news was spreading about Jeffery Epstein's arrest, there was very little emphasis on the fact that this was a case of sex trafficking that involved a network of people and that Epstein was far from the only person taking advantage of these young women and children who he was procuring.

Last night on Fox's Life, Liberty & Levin, human trafficking finally got some of the mainstream attention it really deserves. Mark Levin dedicated the entire show to the topic. This episode was filled with important information with which all of us, as Americans and human beings, should start to educate and familiarize ourselves. If you missed it, here's an awesome thread by "The 'Dirty' Truth™," a self-proclaimed POTUS and US military supporter, featuring the most important parts of the discussion.

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